Central Congo Partership
Central Congo Partership

Project: Methodist Center for Social Advancement (MCSA)

Purpose: To provide training and support for women to develop self-sustaining vocational skills


Activities for the generation of income        Cost: $1,500   

                       Baking (Preparation of bread and cakes)

                       Soap making

           Sewing and tie-dying of African style garments:


Need:  Supplies: cloth in yards (bolts of material) & other incidentals: threads, needles, scissors, dye, nylon thread, patterns, etc.

                                                                       162.07 MCSA

           Embroidery machine                           162.08  MCSA

           Hemming machine                               162.09  MCSA

           Materials: slats, pens, gloves, colors plastic basins, face masks

162.10  MCSA

           Crochet Need: Crochet threads, needles          162.11  MCSA


Rationale:  The Center is a well designed program to assist women who are homeless and/or in poverty learn to develop a life skill that will earn a decent income for them and their families. Supporting this proven program can encourage expanding their services and it could be used as a template for other programs such as the center in the Ngama community.


Project: Christian Education for Children in Wembo Nyama Area


Purpose: To encourage and support a program of Christian Education in the Wembo-Nyama area that has an abundance of children living near the mission center and in the nearby villages.


Materials to support the curriculum. This would include such things as visuals (posters, books, flannel graphs, coloring pages), Bibles or portions of scripture, craft and recreational supplies.   Cost:  $75/month

Wembo Nyama Ed Materials 162.12

Rationale:  Wembo has been called the “cradle of Methodism” and “Spiritual Heart” of the Congo. Because of early missionary work, Wembo has been a center of education and spiritual direction. Many leaders in the church, government and society have originated out of the Wembo area. One can only imagine how the impact could be even great if children were taught the stories of scripture and encouraged in their relationships with God at an even younger age. While the children are welcome in the church service, a “Sunday School” or midweek opportunities for children are not offered at present. Few materials such as posters, Bible story books and other visuals are available.

Location:  Minga


Project:  Minga Medical Support 

Kerosene refrigerator to store vaccines & medications and a way to transport to remote areas   Cost:  $500           162.13 Minga Refrigerator

Solar power – assure operating room has sufficient power 

Cost:  TBD                                         162.14 Minga Solar


Rationale:  Because of early missionary work a hospital was built in these villages that provide medical care for large populations coming from surrounding villages. The Hospitals need major repairs as well as supplies/resources. Our support represents our desire to encourage the staff in their work as we determine if and how we can respond to long term needs in these areas.


Location:  Kinshasa

The Mbudi Technical School

300 students, including Kindergarten, primary, Middle School and Technical high school, attend the Mbudi School using two shifts to use the buildings better. The first primary classes) is 7:30 to 12 and the other (older children) runs the afternoon. Their system begins with Kindergarten, years 3-5.  For the kindergarten students learn counting, speaking language correctly, alphabet, colors, & using their hands to make things. 

Tuition Cost: $76 per year/student spread over three semesters.       

Student Scholarship:  $76/year                       CCP 162.16  Mbudi


We believe the school can have a very positive impact on the lives of many children and can grow in a self-supporting process.  The projects are ideal in scope for Church partnership and teacher visitation ministries. 


 Upgrade the Electrical Training Program, $5500

Classroom equipment and supplies for the teacher, $1500

CCP 162.17 Mbudi

Student toolkits, basic equipment like meters, pliers, screwdrivers, etc. 90 students x $45 = $4000  CCP 162.18 Mbudi


Upgrade the Automotive Program, $6000. 

Buy an old, running car to work on (there’s a lot of them!), $1500

                                                                       CCP 162.19 Mbudi

Tools and supplies for the instructor, $2000  CCP 162.20 Mbudi

Campus guard/sentinel to be added, $500/yr. CCP 162.21 Mbudi

Automotive toolkit for each student.   40 students x $50 = $2000                                                                            CCP 162.22 Mbudi



Upgrade the Business/Commercial Program, $12,100

Computers with Excel and QuickBooks to teach accounting & math    

6 Computers at $1800 each with SW = $10,800        CCP 162.23 Mbudi


French text books on commerce & small business  20 x $40 = $800                                                                        CCP 162.24 Mbudi

Internet connectivity - better education and communication.         $500                                                                   CCP 162.25 Mbudi


        Primary School teacher Training Program, $3000

                                                                              CCP 162.26 Mbudi

Major need is supplies and textbooks

Sewing (Couture)              $1500    COMPLETED!     CCP 162.27 Mbudi

Electric/treadle Sewing machine   6 at $240/each


Construction: six new classrooms for technical programs,   $18,000.  During AM all class buildings are for the lower grades.  This would allow the school to add about 150 students, which would increase programs and make it more self-sustaining.      

                                                           CCP 162.28 Mbudi


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