Peter D Weaver Congo Partnership
Peter D Weaver CongoPartnership

Bishop Peter D. Weaver Central Congo Partnership


The Peninsula-Delaware Peter D. Weaver Congo Partnership Committee is the steering committee comprised of clergy and laity members responsible to:

  1. Engage in the work of the partnership in an attitude of compassion, under girded with prayer and Biblical foundation.
  2. Keep the spiritual needs and health of the children at the forefront of every decision.
  3. With mutual input from the Central Congo Episcopal Area, establish project goals within the boundaries of sustainable funding but always with the spiritual confidence of expansion.
  4. Maintain the concept of work teams within the committee.
  5. Keep churches and community supports informed of up-to-date information regarding partnership projects through: email, website, mailings, guest speakers, hosting Congolese Congo partnership visitors, conference briefings.
  6. Plan for, establish funding for, and encourage participation in Volunteer-In-Mission trips to Congo.
  7. Encourage interest in the partnership and extend active committee membership with an eye to the future.


Covenant Agreement

The Partnership is a vision of the Central Congo Episcopal Area and three United States Conferences: Peninsula-Delaware Conference, Eastern Pennsylvania Conference, and Western North Carolina Conference to bring glory to God and care for our neighbors. Our Partnership seeks to bring the renewal and restoration of spiritual and material ministries for the whole Church and especially its children. The Christ’s Church has been given the commission to be a sign of hope in a world that is perishing, a sign that the dominion of division, destitution, despair and death is being overcome through the love of God that is poured out in our hearts and made manifest by our deeds. Through this partnership we have the opportunity to give dramatic testimony to the unity of the Body of Christ, the mutuality of love, and the promise of life that overcomes death.


The purpose of the Partnership is to develop a healthy relationship between brothers and sisters in Christ across cultures through God’s grace that is transformational and inspirational.


The goal of the Partnership is to have honest and open interaction with the partners, carefully listening to one another as equal parts of the body of Christ. It is a sacred covenant to support one another and participate equally and proportionally in a ministry or project. We agree to pray for one another and to value the spiritual gifts and faith each brings to the partnership, acknowledging these as equal to, or even more important than, financial and human resources. The goal of the mission is a self-sustaining United Methodist Church with holistic ministries empowering people in their context, community and country.


The partners will set aside their own agendas and create a collective vision for the ministry together.  As with any relationship, each participant brings God-given gifts, whether spiritual, physical or mental, tangible or intangible, which will be honored and appreciated equally by all partners in the covenant agreement.


We pledge not to do for the other what they can do for themselves. We gladly serve each other as Christ has served us, with humility, love and encouragement, building a strong foundation for the ministry together.


We create mutual accountability and transparency through patiently engaging one another. We will be flexible and adaptable, enabling all partners to bridge language and culture through God’s guidance.


The Partnership Agreement has been revised and renewed to address the following needs in the Central Congo Episcopal Area 2015-17:     ** denotes new to Covenant




Medical and Nutrition
Education and Training
Leadership Development
Resources – Human and Financial




New Covenant Agreement will take effect mid-2015 after the approval of various partner conferences and the Central Congo Episcopal Area.          Joint Partnership Meeting was held November 12-14, 2014 in W. North Carolina. 



  Mission Coordinator - The Partnership is fortunate to have Dr. Adolphe Yamba Yamba as the Congolese Mission Coordinator for the Partnership. A medical doctor, teacher, and faithful Christian, Dr. Adolphe works with all our projects and mission teams to enhance communication and provide support and accountability.    

            $11,700/year salary, communication and transportation

 History of the Peter D Weaver Congo Partnership

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