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MPASA Medical and Nutrition Center                                    

MPASA 2021

Pediatric Ward, Operating Room, Pharmacy, New Signage, Lobby of Pediatric Building

Situated on land and in a building set aside by the UN for a refugee settlement in the 1960s, this health center continues to function even though its equipment is often antiquated and its supplies minimal. Mpasa UM Medical Center has grown from its beginning as a maternity hospital. It now serves the entire community, one in which the poorest of the poor live. To assist families at Mpasa, the staff also sees outpatients for pediatric, internal medical, pharmaceutical, and laboratory services…over 5000 people/year.


The Mpasa Medical Center staff provides a nutritionally complete meal to 250 people whenever funding allows. A new feeding program for severely malnourished children is provided along with a nutrition program for elderly often neglected by others. Providing funding for salaries for the 2 doctors, 7 nurses, 1 lab tech, and 5 workers who provide such dedicated, compassionate, and Christ-like loving care is very important so that they may be able to continue to serve God’s family, our brothers and sisters in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.


Medical Clinic:

                          Supplies –

                       $1000/month   Medications

                       $50/month       Disinfectant

                       $100/month     single-use syringes

                       $100/month     gloves

                       $300/month     Reagents for laboratory

                          Staffing –

                       $450/month      Director

                       $125/month Internet for communication

$325/month                 Dr. Rene' Hiango Okoko

           $875/month                 Provides for Nurses staff                                                   

Nutrition Center – Partnership Goal is provide a feeding program 5 days weekly. (No longer UMCOR supported)

Staffing for Nutrition Center

$225/month    Supervisor

      $300/month     Nurses and Nutritionist


Food for Nutrition Center

Feeding 250 children five times weekly @ $.50/person/day~ $    125/day


         $ 625/week                    


Total cost: staff & feeding 250 children per day 5 times weekly: $3025/month 

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