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Partnership Provides Truck for Farm in Diengenga!

   Imagine having to carry vegetables and grain to the market from the farm 7 km away walking or on a bicycle...    

                      Imagine carrying 50lb bags of feed from the market to the farm for the animals...

   Imagine having no transportation when a veterinarian service is need in an emergency for the animals....

      This has been the situation at the farm in Diengenga as, from its inception, the farm has had no vehicle. The Partnership has had a goal to provide a truck that can be used for many purposes around the farm and village. It will be the only 4 wheel drive vehicle in the village!

Thanks to the generosity of several people from the Peninsula-Delaware Conference, the Partnership has able to purchase a Toyota 4 x 4 pickup truck. Thanks be to God and to all who helped make this possible. We know this will make a huge difference for the farm and village. The farm is partnering with the local Trade School, another Partnership Project, to use students in training for mechanics. It will become a training vehicle for them, their only car/truck to study and practice. The farm is also partnering with the Trade School to construct a trailer which will be used by the farm and Trade School. It is a great demonstration of working together in the village. What a tremendous asset this will be to Diengenga. It is the only working truck/car in the village! Praise God!

The trip to Diengenga... a story of Courage and Persistence!


Many of you are aware of the recent purchase of a truck for the Cape Lodja farm in Diengenga. What an exciting project! Blessings and gratitude to the generous donors in the Peninsula-Delaware Conference! Because the truck was purchased in Kinshasa, about 900 miles from Diengenga, Dr. Adolphe Yamba Yamba, the Partnership’s Mission Coordinator, created a brilliant plan for the shipment to the remote village. A strong, iron boat on the Kasai River would provide transportation for a lower price than driving the truck the full distance. Unfortunately, due to the dry season in Congo presently, the existing dirt roads triggered serious consequences. 

The approximate 400 mile journey, unfurled challenges such as the need to recharge the battery, sleeping in the truck, digging the tires out of the deep sand, and then no transportation back to Kinshasa after delivery of the truck - all unfolding over 6 days! Wow! Dr. Adolphe and his driver Hugues were so brave, so persistent, and so patient! The frequent text messages we received always portrayed hope and joy that their mission would be accomplished! Amazing! Very soon the boat will reach a nearby village and the truck be driven to the farm where there will be dancing and much rejoicing! This truck will provide mobility for the farm workers to transport products to the market, food for the farm animals, even a resource for other citizens and businesses in the area. Praise God!!! God’s Plan has unfolded and we are so very grateful!

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